A few of the different kinds of less lethal weapons for protection.

There are several different kinds of less lethal weapons which can be used for protection. Whether they are used by law enforcement, or the average citizen, these weapons are not deadly, but can paralyze an attacker, giving individuals the opportunity to get free. Depending on thee type of attack, the situation, and the manner in which you want to paralyze or hinder the attacker, these are a few of the options available to you for protection.

Chemical agents:
This is possibly the most widespread less lethal agent available, which is dispersed in an aerosol form. CS, OS, or a combination of both chemical agents are the top three options available. Regardless of the intended use, the effects on attackers are the same; burning, irritation, and pain are experienced, to the membranes which are exposed to the chemical agent. The eyes are one area which you can attack, with pepper spray (OS). Other sprays can target the mouth and nose, which inhibits an attackers ability to breath.

Electrical weapons:
The second option of less lethal weapons for protection are electrical weapons. Stun guns are commonly associated with this type of weapon, where the body is inhibited through the shock waves and pulsation, which paralyzes the individual being stunned. By overwhelming the normal communication between the brain and muscles, muscle contractions and pulsing are commonly associated with the stun. Tasers are similarly used, to stun and shock the attacker, allowing an individual a window of time to get away from the threat, and place themselves in a more inviting, safer location.

Projectile weapons:
There are also a series of blunt force objects which can be used, as a less lethal means of protecting yourself. Blunt objects, or certain types of launchers, can keep you safe, and can temporarily paralyze or knock out an individual or an attacker, giving you a brief moment to get away and call for help. Single and multiple shot projectile weapons are available, and they can cause great bodily harm when needed for protection in a dangerous situation.

Blunt objects:
Batons, brass knuckles, or other similar blunt, or hard objects, can also cause a great deal of pain to an attacker. Whether used to attack the head or face, or other body part, with a strong enough strike, you are going to be able to injure the individual attacker to a certain degree, giving yourself an opportunity to get to a safe location if you are attacked in a dangerous location. If nothing more, it can give you a window of time to get help or call for help when needed.

Depending on the situation, the level of threat, and where you are, different weapons are going to work best as a means of protection. Just because they are non lethal weapons, does not mean they can’t help you in a dangerous situation. These are a few great examples of the different kinds of less lethal weapons which can be used to protect yourself, in a number of situations.

Less Lethal Gun Explained

A less lethal gun, otherwise known as a riot gun or a less-lethal launcher is a firearm used to fire “non-lethal” ammunition for the purpose of injuring the target and not causing a serious injury. This weapons are mostly used to disperse riots but are sometimes sold to individuals. They may be built and designed specifically for this purpose or by modifying a standard firearm for use with appropriate ammunition.

Adapting a standard firearm to a less lethal one.
Projectiles fired for non lethal purposes are meant to cause pain with minimum injury. Launching non-lethal projectiles from a standard firearm would make them more lethal as the high speed of the projectile would be more likely to cause harm. Some adjustments therefore need to be made. To turn a standard firearm into a riot gun, the construction is weakened and the barrel is modified so that it has internal lugs. This will in effect make firing hard projectiles impossible while bullets made of softer materials such as rubber will compress when passing the lug.

Ammunition used for these guns.

In order to be remain non-lethal, non lethal ammunition must also be used. These include:

  1. Chemical agent ammunition. They can be dispersed through; muzzle dispersion, whereby the agent is in form of a loose powder expelled by the propellant in the cartilage, canister projectiles (mostly used for longer ranges) or ferret rounds which are specialized gas canisters that have the ability to penetrate windows, hollow core doors among other light barriers.
  2. Impact rounds. These come in a variety of sizes and materials for different uses. They are made of lower density materials than lead and are larger in size. Due to the low mass, reduced velocity and larger surface area of the projectile, skin penetration is almost impossible. Impact rounds are divided into two; the less powerful ones that can be fired directly at people and the more powerful one that have to be fired into the ground in front of the target so as to reduce its energy.

They include:

Baton rounds.
They are commonly known as rubber or plastic bullets. They can be made of rubber, foam or wood. They may fire one long button or several shorter batons.

Beanbag rounds.
These are made of very tough fabric full of bird shot. The bag is very flexible and will thus flatten on impact with the target. The rounds may be wide and flat for short distances or elliptical for long distances.

Rubber buckshot or stinger rounds.
They are used for direct fire and consist of 8 to 15 millimeter rubber balls. They have a smaller diameter than baton rounds making them a bit safer (for the target of course). The smaller size will also mean reduced energy and thus limited range.

Pepper-ball rounds.
They are paintball-like capsules that contain pepper spray solution. They have a longer range and are a better way to disperse pepper spray to far away targets.
To avoid breaking up the projectiles, less powerful cartridges propelled by black powder instead of other modern propellants are used. Firing a non lethal gun will therefore result in the eruption of both sparks and smoke.

Best Less Lethal Weapons For Home Protection

Are you looking for the ideal way to enhance security in your home? Well, there is a couple of avenues you can use to ensure that. One of the most effective ways is use of less lethal weapons. These are weapons used against any attacker but do not have the capacity to kill instantly.

Note that in most countries, lethal weapons are usually prohibited especially for people who do not belong to the armed forces. As a matter of fact, handling a gun or any other deadly firearm can amount to a serious penalty by the law. In this regard, you might require something that will help in scaring away or nabbing enemies instead of killing them.

The good thing is that there is a great deal of less lethal weapons you can go for. In fact, you can even improvise some out of your own creativity. You can also opt to buy such weapons from neighboring stores. Important to note, such weapons are not restricted by the law. You can always use them for your personal defense without crossing the law.

less lethal shotgun

Below are some of the most effective less lethal weapons for home protection:

Aggressive Animal

Well, this happens to be one of the major weapons that most people prefer. You can opt to rear an aggressive animal as a way of enhancing security in your home. Note that, animals’ behaviors can be controlled hence making them less lethal. Animals not only play the role of raising an alarm in times of danger but prevent you from attack as well. Some of the animals you can rear for security purposes include dogs, geese, turkey among others.

Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is yet another most preferred weapon by a great number of people. The good thing about the spray is that it is not only best to use at home but in other places as well. As a matter of fact, you can carry the pepper with you anywhere since it is not considered illegal.

Pepper spray has been proven to be very effective in enabling people escape from threat. It will work best if you found a high concentrated pepper spray since it is more effective that way. The spray is majorly used to distract any threat during attacks. There is even a pepper spray with a light built-in that is great for home protection.


Electric power is also considered as one of the most effective less lethal weapons. However, the power must be mild for it to be termed less lethal. Needless to say, excess electric current can be deadly. The good thing it that technology has provided devices which mile electric energy by stepping it down. An example of such a device is a Taser which can be used to shock attackers in your home.

In a different note, you can install a low voltage electric fence around your compound. This is to deny any person access to the compound vial wrong paths. You can use solar energy to power the fence as a way of making it less deadly.

Tactical Baton

It is a blunt force weapon which can be used at home and also away from home. However, it always works as a perfect home weapon since in some countries it is illegal to move around with it. Tactical batons are usually collapsed when not in use and expand when needed.

With this weapon, you can give an attacker a strong jab or strike. It does so with a lot of force hence the ideal solution in curbing any kind of live threat. Be sure to have the weapon in an accessible in your and you can be assured of complete safety all the time.

Pens And Pencils

If you thought that pens and pencils are only used for academic purposes, then you are in for a surprise. The truth is that a pen or a pencil can be totally destructive especially when used with force. As a matter of fact, these writing aids can scare away attackers more than other weapons can do.

The idea behind using a pen or a pencil as a weapon is mounting them on an elastic material. You can even mount it using the bow if you do not have arrows at your disposal. You only need to ensure that the pen or pencil is launched with a lot of force once tampered with by an attacker.